Since 1996 S&S Richards has always been involved in the production of some type of the creative arts. Stan's talent for web developing goes back to the days of gui-less HTML programming in notepad. Sharon's been involved in 1/12th scale miniatures since she was young and turned shadowboxing of a multitude of items into a business while she held a corporate job at Westinghouse. She named them The Keepsake Frame and they made some of their first appearances at Buckler Crafts Shows in the mid- 90's. About, the same time Stan applied his knowledge and experience as a homebrewer running Best Brew of Orlando and invented the concept of what has become today's CarbaCap. Its versatility was expanded to the soda market in the late 90's and has become a standard device for those with a knack for DIY in the kitchen. As CarbaCap grew, Sharon supported Stan by picking up order processing and finance, so Stan could focus his expertise on improving the product and continue to provide intensive customer service.  Equally, Stan supported Sharon during the late 90's with the Keepsake Frame in the production of casted angels and built basic shadow boxes.

Along with the growing power of the internet they grew and expanded their productions into self-publishing books written by both Stan and Sharon. Stan's “Handcrafted Brewing” is now being converted to an e-book and Sharon has her e-books available through Amazon here. In Sharon's non-fiction e-book, “Night's Inside the Vault”, she shares her time at a very special place open from 2002-2004 at The Hard Rock’s Vault.

Stan's passion for web developing led him down the path of starting his own YouTube Channel, Scouter Stan. Sharon also has a YouTube Channel, From the Green Desk. Their latest foray into the production of short informational videos was an inevitability as in the 1980's they both worked for a company called Video Concepts. Further to that, they both have logged broadcasting time on the radio so making videos was a natural outgrowth of their experiences. Let's not forget Facebook either! Sharon posts her videos weekly on The Keepsake Frame page and CarbaCap is run by Stan, chock full of information (like the website) to help the budding home beverage brewers and expert alike.

So, what is this company called S Richards, LLC (since 2015)? Quite simply whatever its owners apply their creativity to in support of their growing streams of products and services designed to help the creative in you! We want to hear from you so please share your stories.

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Sharon & Stan Richards